I have been passionate about acting since I was old enough to put on my batman cape and mask as a wee little toddler. Now I do just that but with a BFA in acting from Carnegie Mellon University tucked into my belt… right next to the bat gun.

I was first drawn to the idea of theater in middle school when I played Scarecrow in a hilarious production of the Wizard of Oz. From then on, the craft has been my infatuation. As I developed my proficiency, my tastes grew from Top Gun to Hamlet. Well, I still reserve a special place for the former.

I began my professional acting career at the age of 18 with a production of The Music Man, starring Jeff Goldblum, Ed Begley Jr. and Ileana Douglas. They brought with them a crew of L.A. filmmakers with the intention of making a mocumentary that capitalized on the many trials and tribulations of mounting a show. I was given a two for one deal: My first professional stage and screen debut.  And thus I began the life long journey of an artist.

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